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Statement of Principle

  • The wellbeing and rights of every child is central to each decision, policy and practice in our Centre.

  • We acknowledge and respect that Childhood is a “stage in its own right” and children are capable and competent participants in their own learning.

  • Each child, family and staff member’s culture and life experiences are unique and varied, and as such are acknowledged, respected and supported.

  • We believe that a child’s education is a three way process between the child, family and the preschool community.

  • An understanding and belief that children learn through play, underpins our educational philosophy and practices.

  • We strongly believe that the natural environment plays a vital role in a child’s education, developing social responsibility and respect for a sustainable world.

  • We value Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and their cultures as the traditional land holders of our country.

  • Highest quality standards of care and excellence in early childhood educational practice underpin the services provided by the staff in our Centre.

  • West Albury Preschool, as a non profit community based entity, will advocate for all individuals within; children, families and staff.


The following Qualities are inherent in the people and place that is West Albury Preschool
• Warm and welcoming
• Exciting and challenging
• Respect and relationships
• Reflection and Change
• Nurturing and Supportive
• Access and Equity
• Inclusive
• Social justice and Advocacy
• Community and Democracy

West Albury Preschool is a place where individual and collective wellbeing is promoted and sustained through meaningful and reciprocal relationships and practices for every participant in our community.

Our interactions and programs promote self awareness, self regulation and a social justice system that supports the rights and wellbeing of all. We engender attitudes of acceptance and tolerance to the diversity within our Community.

We encourage staff, children and families to engage in processes of reflection and change, as we aim for continuous improvement.

We acknowledge that all children have unique family cultures, substantial knowledge bases and strong physical and mental capacities that they bring to our community. Each child has the right to be a player in their own education and therefore contributes to their own education program.

The importance of recreation and time for play, for adults and children is an integral human right. Our environments, planning and practices facilitate and promote the value of play.

We aim to give children a voice in as many of the creative languages as possible. Therefore our Arts program focuses on giving the children experience and skill in many arts languages, thus enabling expression and growth.

As the key people in their children’s lives, parents (carers) have the right to be continually informed about their child’s Preschool experience. We therefore undertake to gather information and communicate with families about all matters relating to their child’s wellbeing, relationships and learning through our many communicative practices - conversations, email, interviews, Diaries and Portfolios.

We have a commitment to sustaining our environment, educating and involving children in recycling, re-using, composting and gardening. In doing this we aim to instill attitudes and behaviours that promote active participation in preserving the future of our community.
We aim to work in collaboration with our local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community, with an ongoing commitment towards furthering our education in their cultures.

We recognise that providing the highest standards of care and education requires a commitment to; employment of qualified staff, higher than Regulation ratios for staff to children, and a commitment of resources to ongoing staff education, training and reflective practice.

Educational Practice

The Early Years Learning Framework underpins our educational practice.

Cultural Diversity

The backgrounds of our families are culturally diverse.

Within our educational context we become familiar with each child’s family. Parents and children are strongly encouraged to share their individuality, cultures and beliefs. Also children may develop an interest in something from another culture and this interest is facilitated by staff, in the same way that all of the children’s interests are developed. Our children experience cultural diversity as an everyday part of our program.

Parental Involvement

We acknowledge parents as the primary educators in their children’s lives and strive to nurture their feelings of competence in this important role.

We seek and encourage parent involvement in the centre and program by:

  • Enrolment Questionaire – help us to get to know your child & family
  • sharing family information and events
  • inviting parents and other relatives to share their special interests and skills within the program
  • inviting membership of the parent management committee
  • assisting in social and fundraising events
  • opportunity to comment on program content through the weekly diary
  • inviting parents to participate in and extend on educational experiences


Central to our emergent educational program is learning through play and relationships.

The environments, both structured and created, facilitate children’s play and natural curiosity. While engaging in play the child has time to explore, think and discover.

Children use their imaginations, compare prior learning, think creatively, problem solve and gain new perspectives, whilst engaged in play. They also practice: lateral and creative thinking, motor skills and co-ordination, early literacy and numeracy concepts, sharing and negotiation skills.

Our program content and routines vary and are highly flexible to allow for incidental learning experiences, new interest areas shown by children or expressed by parents.

Group activities provide for:

  • group interaction
  • discussion skills
  • listening skills
  • interaction through movement
  • concentration within a group

Although content may vary, the children will always have the opportunity to experience all of the following either individually or as part of a group:

  • Visual Arts
  • Dramatic play
  • Construction
  • Language and Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Cognitive and Inquiry Activities
  • Physical play and development
  • Music and Movement

*The environment and resources are changed/emerge, as we move through the learning process together with children and families.

We also provide specific programs in Protective Behaviours, The Arts, relaxation, kinesiology, gardening and sustainable environment practices.

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